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beep beep, how's my driving?

Questions, suggestions, concrit.

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ARADIA: youve reached aradia megido! please leave a message after the beep
ARADIA: beep beeeeeeeeeeeeep ouo
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OOC Information

Player: Nami
Contact Information: frogmaiden#8588 @ discord

Aradia Megido ♈ Apocalypse Arisen

Canonpoint: Godtier ascension: Be Aradia
Age: 13 years old
Wish: "Things are fine the way they are. Though I wish I knew how this whole thing is coming crashing down in the end!"
Result: Aradia's very specific and very concise wish to see "how this whole thing is coming crashing" has two sides: on the one hand, she is able to see into future events in what should be the alpha timeline, also seeing faces she doesn't yet know (like the alt kids). However, and true to her canon's interpretation of the flow of time and temporal paradoxes, because she's granted knowledge of what should indeed happen up until the supposed end when it isn't her place to know it, it culminates in an doomed timeline (sort of like a bad ending) where everything does indeed come crashing down - as opposed to what would be the true ending to her story.
Weapon: A bullwhip.
Outfit: drawing it right now!


» Psychometry: (passive) : through the sense of touch, Aradia is capable of obtaining historical memories/sensations from beings or objects, including memories of their creation, use, health, where and how they were passed on and so on. These come to her in the form of idle thoughts, however the ability is limited by the presence of a stronger magical power around her; this would mean she's incapable of obtaining memories from residents of this new world, soul gems or other magi unless otherwise stated by their players. It applies to objects though, so she would be able to figure out where a music box came from and who owned it, and so on.
» Temporal Duplication: (active) Aradia can bring precisely one duplicate of herself to present time to aid her in combat. This past or future version of herself comes from an alternate/fragmented timeline and is ill-fated to die sooner or later; since this power is extremely draining, she can't use it for long and inevitably they either die or she has to kill them before she reverts back to normal.


»Fourth-walling: Go ahead. She's heard of stranger things happening! Just don't tell her how it ends.
» Backtagging: Yes!
» Shipping: Troll romance works through quadrants, which means it's divided into four different types and that may be awkward for some characters, so let's see how this pans out. Right now Aradia is in a committed relationship to her shitty puns and has to sort her feelings for a certain buddy first!
» Violence: Aradia herself is very nonviolent unless pushed to the limit (and that means going beyond killing her, hurting someone she really cares about) so she may be ICly opposed to it though I am not. I draw the line at eye horror and sexual violence however. Thank you for understanding.


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